Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Black and White Movies

There's something about black and white movies that makes you concentrate more fully. Maybe color distracts us. Anyway, this is the time of year we pull out some of our all time favorites. For holiday schmaltz we like: It's a Wonderful Life, Christmas in Connecticut,It Happened on 5th Avenue,and The Bishop's Wife.
For witty banter we choose:The Thin Man series or any of the old Tracy and Hepburn comedies.
We're particularly fond of screwball comedies like My Man Godfrey,It Happened one Night,Holiday,Mr. Deeds Goes to Town,Sullivan's Travels and Born Yesterday. A Slight Case of Murder is also fun.
For dance fever we choose the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers collection.
For pure nostalgia we like the Ma and Pa Kettle series and the Tarzan movies with Johnny Weismuller.
For drama it's Double Indemnity,Dark Victory and Mildred Pierce.
For romance it's Bogey and Bacall.
What's the best black and white movie of all time? Hands down it's Ball of Fire. It has everything a good black and white does best : music,dance,laughter,tenderness,gangsters,and romance.

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