Thursday, June 16, 2011

How a Bead is Born

I'm so excited that my friend Hannah is making polymer clay beads this week. Beads are really just poems in a medium other than words for me. I hear a line in a song, see a pattern in a butterfly's wing, read a word that intrigues me...They all become beads. Here's how these Copacabana beads were born. Flipping through daytime television I paused on Barry Manilow. He was playing requests. "Let's have a happy song," the host said,"how about Copacabana?" Catchy, yes, but happy? Not Copacabana. I started to think about the images in the song and these beads were born. The yellow feathers, the dress (midnight blue with peekaboo cutouts and a hint of red underneath that drove both Rico and Tony wild). I muted the colors because that dress would be fading right along with Lola. Copacabana beads emerged.

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