Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cow Eggs

There was a time in the 80's when I had a houseful of cow-themed kitsch. It was during that "country/crafty" time when there was a little festival on every town square in the summer and every other booth was filled with white ducks with a welcome banner and mauve and Williamsburg blue were the only colors that you could find in stores. I casually mentioned to my class that I thought the patterns on those black and white cows looked cool. Every occasion after that I got cows: cow canisters, cow placemats, cow pens, cow candles,cow coasters, cow notepaper,cow plates,cow keychains....Anyway, I took the bull by the horns one day and gave the whole lot of it to Goodwill. I just thought I'd make one cow bracelet for old time's sake. MOO!

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