Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rhapsody in Gray

I think much of this bead making experience has simply been an exercise in color. I've learned to mix colors, to find my personal pallette, and to appreciate purple though I had never cared for it previously. Before this I thought my favorite color was red when it is actually tomato red (which is not red at all, but orange). I discovered a passion for smoky, stormy blue-greens and a deeper respect for the versatility of olive. I realized that brown goes with everything and you can't go wrong with a marbling mix when you add a little black, a little white, and a lot of gold. This particular set of beads was the result of taking strong colors straight from the clay package and adding my own gray "mud"to form a sort of shadowy rainbow. I applied the white threads to add a little contrast. It works for me.

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