Monday, November 8, 2010


My bracelets all have a name as soon as they are made. This one is called "Godzilla's Lagoon". Why? It's a long story as most things tend to be in the South. Names are very important to us here. In my last post I introduced you to Aunt "J". You might think you know who she is if you know my family, but that's not necessarily so. You see, we were brought up to address every adult who wasn't a grandparent, parent, or teacher as Aunt_ or Uncle_. It was just considered good manners. I didn't find out until I was an adult that many of my aunts and uncles were really no "blood kin". Anyway, Aunt "J" delighted in the funny things that small kids say. I'd take her shopping with me when my children were small. "We'll just wait out here in the vestibule on the bench for you," she'd say,"You just shop as long as you want." My children would smile and wave as she rushed them out of the store. I found out later that they had an entire comedy routine going in the front of the Walmart. Here's how it went: A person would unwittingly sit down on the bench next to Aunt "J" and her tiny companions. The person would then comment on the cuteness or big brown eyes of the tiny companions. "Where'd you get them big brown eyes?" was the phrase they most hoped to hear. "GODZILLA!" my sons shouted. I'm not sure if Aunt "J" or the kids got a bigger kick out of that, or who came up with the idea originally, but it brought on lots of insulted sniffs and a few "Well, I never!" comments which made it even more fun for the comedy team. The small companions are now grown men who probably don't even remember Aunt "J". I rarely go to Walmart, but I'd give anything to see someone walk off in a huff as Aunt "J" and her buddies slapped their knees.

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  1. I absolutely remember Aunt "J". We had a lot of fun with that routine!