Monday, November 1, 2010

Nothing rhymes with orange

Since I took the weekend off from blogging you get three bracelets for the price of one today-all orange! The first bracelet is one of those melange concoctions made from orphan beads. The second one makes me think of going to Knoxville on a football weekend. On the interstate going up you start to see weird flags and pompoms sticking out of car windows with that peculiar yellow-orange color UT fans love. When you come near the campus, a sea of yellow-orange greets you. People are sporting caps, shirts, jackets, pants, scarves, and everything imaginable as they walk to the stadium. It makes you vitamin C sick to watch. The third bracelet mixes orange with chocolate. Yum! Orange you glad Halloween is over?

1 comment:

  1. I can rhyme "orange." Ahem:

    My thumb turned a livid orange
    When I slammed it in the door hinge.

    I think that's an original poem, though I may have unconsciously lifted it from Ogden Nash or something...