Friday, November 12, 2010

Vaya con Dios

This is a completely new style for me. First I made some faux amber beads using a lot of translucent clay,a bit of sunshine yellow and a tiny scrap of alizarin crimson. The metallic looking beads are simply black clay tubes rolled onto a texture sheet and rubbed with brilliant gold Pearl-ex powder before baking. It's a special bracelet. It's on its way tomorrow to Mexico. Two very good friends will be taking it with them. Though they invite us to visit and say we'll meet again, it may never happen. I don't expect to ever see the places I've dreamed of since I started studying Spanish many,many years ago. Oh little bracelet, I hope you see the flowers boats at Xochimilco, the ruins of Chichen Itza, Frida's blue house, Diego's murals, the pottery at San Miguel, the silver in Taxco, the museos, la comida, la música, and la casa de mis amigos verdaderos. Adiós.

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